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1. Training is a continuous and an on going need for any Organization.  Various training options correspond to:-

  • Training by OEM / Equipment Vendors.
  • Effective In-house Training Team.
  • Outsourcing.

2.Outsourcing Organizational entire training needs to a Specialized Training Service Provider such as Logix is one of the best options available in today’s context.   This option ensures:-

  • Frees an organization from the extra burden of developing In-house Training Team as against concentrating on operational / functional aspects.
  • Results in offload of a non core function.
  • Saves on capital expenditure.
  • Does away with the need to create a separate training infrastructure.

3. In the field of Communication and IT, the training corresponds to:-

  • Telecom Training.
  • IT Training.
  • Network Training.
  • System Engineering Training.

4.   At   Logix, training process pertains to:-

a)   Starts with initiation to basic fundamentals.
b)   Clear the cob webs pertaining to technical glossary, jargon and buzzword.
c)   Clear cut explanation of underlying Technologies.
d)   Hands on practical mainstream solutions and training.
e)   Provision of requisite Course / Training Material.
f)   Assimilation exercises and confirmation as regards Technology Course Curriculum absorption.

5. Logix provides innovative training solutions; whether ‘Turn Key Project’ based or ‘Stand Alone’ which meets the specialized needs of Telecom and IT Professionals.

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