1. Communication and IT Industry is going through a period of very rapid technological innovation and revolution with notable indices:

  • Vast improvements in ratio of price to performance and services.
  • User friendliness and automation of complex procedures.
  • Ever increasing inter-operability among multi vendor systems.
  • Universal access to wireless and wire line connections ands network.

2. With continuous revolution in the communication and IT products and capabilities, Logix fully understand that users have unique needs which require unique solutions. It is, therefore, our concern and business to help users identify and select the solutions which fulfill users? requirements and preferences while keeping in mind the legacy systems and environments. Infrastructural Re-engineering, therefore, is fundamental to this continuously changing communication and IT environment.. Logix provides end-to-end solutions to our clients starting with analysis of their needs to designing, developing and finally maintaining the application for them. We have Business Analysis and System Architects with us with experience of having analyzed and designed various systems.. Our expertise helps us incorporate the best of breed tools and techniques in the software development life cycle. These include Rational Rose, IEF/CoolGen, Forte, Oracle Developer and Designer 2000 Open-Standard.Our vast experience in working with legacy systems coupled with our in-depth knowledge of emerging e-business technologies enables us to offer innovative web based solutions that leverage both the power of the internet and your legacy environment. We can analyze your need and advise you on what is best for you. We can also help you to develop a web-based solution from the scratch or web-enable your existing system, depending upon your choice.

3. Logix offers several options to our clients for web-enabling their existing systems, including:

  • Re-engineering legacy systems into reusable components and “wrapping” those components into standard architectures that can be easily integrated with Web technologies.
  • Redesigning legacy user interfaces into web-based graphical user interfaces using techniques such as screen scrapping.
  • Accessing legacy transactions from outside the mainframe and integrating them with web-based solutions.
  • Employing messaging and integration brokers to link legacy and web-based architectures.
  • Accessing legacy databases for use in web-based applications

4. Logix has executed large re-engineering and migration projects involving database, language changes and data conversion, from one platform to another: and its Re-engineering process includes:

  • Analysis of existing applications.
  • Identification of suitable technology and platforms.
  • Replacement of obsolete applications through fresh development or integration of established products.
  • Migration of applications to the new platform.
  • Design, development and integration of the new environment.

5. Our team of experts can modernize all the architectural layers of our clients’ existing systems including presentation layers, business logic, databases and data. We can migrate your applications to distributed client / server or web-enabled systems, re-architect business logic as a set of reusable components, assist you in moving from one system or database to another and seamlessly integrate package solutions with your existing systems.