1. Continuously changing revolution in emerging communication and IT Technologies, out sourcing, engineering of complex infrastructural system with an urgent need to cut down operational cost compels organizations to reorganize and restructure the existing process.

2. The business challenges in relation to above mean:

  • Relentless pressure to achieve performance improvement.
  • Making the most of advances in technology.
  • Ensuring IT strategy keeps up with and supports business strategy.
  • Pace of change in business environment.
  • Managing risk.

3. Logix, as a Service Provider, will cater for:

  • Redesign of business processes to:

    • improve cost effectiveness and agility,
    • Increase product/services differentiation,
    • Improve customer intimacy.
  • Modernization of application portfolio to:

    • Ensure that it is correctly aligned to business needs,
    • Reduce application maintenance costs,
    • Improve application agility and time to market.
  • Upgrade, virtualization and consolidation of IT infrastructures to:

    • Improve security,
    • Increase agility,
    • Reduce costs.

4. Why Logix?

  • Strong industry and technology expertise.
  • Expertise in all aspects of transformation relating to people, processes and technology.
  • Truly collaborative approach focused in on our clients’ business outcomes.
  • Technology independence.