1. System integration is the basic bedrock of our Core Business . In simple terms, System Integration is technologically bringing together all the related telecom and IT components subsystems into one system and thereby ensuring that these subsystems function together as a system. In other words, System Integration is a process of linking together different hardware and software based telecom systems, computing systems and related software applications physically or functionally and in consonance with the requirements of the user. Logix has the capability to envision, plan, successfully execute and then continually maintain large and complex ICT projects for any Domain anywhere in the Indian sub-continent and abroad. Our Project Teams bring together such systems by employing a very wide variety of techniques and technologies such as telecom infrastructure, computer networking, enterprises application integration, process management or manual programming.

2. Logix follows industry proven processes and flow charts for timely execution and as per client's requirements: both operational/functional and technological.

3. Defense, Para Military Forces, Police and Intelligence Organizations require Mission Critical Systems of a very high end complexity with minimum MDT and very high MTBF.Logix has executed a number of such projects for Defense Forces, Police, and Oil Installations and so on. Complexity and maintenance issues assume great importance while planning, executing and maintaining projects on a ‘Life Cycle Concept’.

4. Complexity and cost implications assume another dimension while planning and executing SI projects involving Static and Mobile Communication Network Centers and Platforms. Logix has the requisite capability and proven track record in this field.

5. System Integration is also about value adding to the systems, creating capabilities that are possible because of interaction between various sub-systems. We, therefore, have the ability to make things happen and to get things done for the organizations being supported. Logix clearly understands and applies Key System Integration nuances as applicable for various ’ Turn Key Projects’