Products in its classic generic sense relate to fabrication and manufacturing. However, as regards ICT, these also relate to requirement based network design and software dependent solutions pertaining to Organizational specific requirements: making use of existing market products (hardware and software). We have to our credit a number of such Products and Solutions which have been implemented and are performing continuously 24X7 to the entire satisfaction of respective users.

ICT Networks

Specialty in this regard pertains to designing the right product mix of ICT with domain specific function; especially in case of ‘Mission Critical’ requirements. Of equal importance is requisite Testing ,Bench Marking as well as conduct of running check and audit so very important for 24 X 7 system availability with an extremely low Mean down Time (MDT).

NW-Physical Assets

Besides Networks, rightful employment of physical cabling and power conditioning such as OFC, JFC, Structured Cabling and Power Pack solutions is equally important. Of specific interest and importance is dynamic Network Management Monitoring and Control.

Software Based Products

Employing of ‘State of The Art’ Application Platforms, Logix has created a number of software based solutions pertaining to SMS messaging platforms, E-Learning, Physical Security, Network Security, Security Check and Audit, Security Management, product servicing, Data Storage and Virtualization, messaging servers, video, streaming solutions, work flow automation and so on.

Mobile Communication Platform

It is increasingly becoming evident that there is a massive shift towards Creation of a Mobile Information Society. This impacts all facets of our functioning for the Society in general and Governmental Agencies & Defense Services in particular. Vehicular / other Platform based Communications and Information Systems in the form of Network Operation Centres (NOC)/ Entity Terminal Stations (ETS) , are, therefore, being increasingly customized and utilized for a large number of military as well as civil/ other societal functions such as policing, disaster management, health services , education, traffic control and so on.

Logix Net Solutions has the right capability & potential to design, fabricate & commission such platforms. System Integration in its entirety ie. Hardware & Software is our area of specialty.