1. Mission Critical Systems, like those for Defense, Para Military forces and for Disaster Management , require provision of dedicated Mobile Communication Platforms. These could either be based on containerized concept or may also involve customized modification of vehicles such as SUV / MUV or 1/3/7 Tonner Trucks. Logix has the capability to customize these for your functional requirements.

2. These vehicles have to be modified in tune with the Domain Specific Requirements such as for Defense or for Disaster Management. These vehicles could correspond to any of the following:

  • Mobile Communication Access Platform i.e. Mobile POP.
  • Mobile Operations Rooms – for Defense or for Disaster Management.
  • Mobile cabling laying and maintenance, i.e. OFC / JFC.
  • Mini Mobile Communication Platform based on SUV Platform.

3. Logix has very successfully undertaken and even now continues to undertake "Turn Key" Projects for customizing such 'State Of The Art' Platforms for Defense and Governmental Customers.