1. Outsourcing organizational communication and information systems as regards its complete ‘Operation and Maintenance’ is a ground reality with most of the organizations. The operation and maintenance outsourcing cover a much larger canvas as compared to traditional Facility Management Services. Integrated communications and IT outsourcing fundamentally relates to the following key functions:

  • Telecommunications and Media Management.
  • Systems Operation.
  • Network System Planning and Management.
  • Terminal End User Support.
  • Application Development.
  • Information Security including Check and Audit.

2. In nutshell, outsourcing for Operation and Maintenance relates to Telecommunications and Information Systems. Logix provides the right service quality and responsiveness for all the Operation and Maintenance related functions as per mutually agreed / executed SLA. In our case, the service quality and the element of continued partnership, i.e. timely responsiveness, trust and credibility, free flow of communications as also co-operation from the basic bed rock for effective ‘Operation and Maintenance Contract’ functioning.

3. We also provide the right human resources elements (engineers and technicians) along with key automated operation and maintenance systems and functions.